BAI Compliance Classroom Tookits


While online courses have become a core component of many financial institutions’ compliance training programs, in-person training sessions continue to play a crucial role in developing compliance competencies. BAI Compliance Classroom Toolkits contain a collection of resources needed to create and customize instructor-led training sessions that can all be tracked and reported on through the BAI Learning Manager.

Your in-house staff can facilitate a blended learning training program without the time, effort and expense of researching and developing your own courses. The classroom toolkits are designed so that non-professional trainers or novice compliance instructors can effectively deliver the sessions. Classroom toolkits are available for many topics, including: BSA, Fair Lending, OFAC, RESPA, Reg Z and more.

Instructor and Learner Materials

Customizable PowerPoint presentations, training guidelines, pre-tests, post-tests and student handouts are all included in the toolkits. The materials are comprised of trusted, up-to-date compliance content that aligns with the latest regulations and contain everything you need for your next training session.

Customize and Track

All resources, from PowerPoints to handouts, can be customized to better reflect the policies and procedures of your institution. Additionally, tracking and reporting on in-person training can be executed through the BAI Learning Manager. Sending invites to attendees, tracking completion rates and reporting on course work to examiners is simplified through the BAI Learning Manager.